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Monday, December 17, 2012

IR Art - On the Inside (2012)

When Viewed in normal light:

When Viewed in near IR light:

My Little Angel #2 (2011)

My Little Angel #1 (2011)

My Best Friend Ever! (2011)

An illustration for Tim Raves (2000)

Crayon dragon on cloth (5th grade)

Evolution as some see it (~1998)

The Master Puppet (~2000)

Bobcat (9th grade drawing class)

Dolphins (9th grade drawing class)

When my brother almost died (~2000)

Toad (5th grade)

A mask I drew for part of a book cover (2000)

Rose (~1998)

Leafy Lizard Man (~1998)

High School Biology (1997)

The 'd' my teacher wrote on this means "not enough detail."
His drawings were way worse than this!

Cartoon Girl (~1998)

Desert Dragon (~1999)

Didn't feel like drawing all those scales (~1999)

7 heads (~1997)

Not your garden variety gnome (~1997)

Lizard-like dragon thing (~1996)

Dragonmen (~1996, 1997)

Cobra (~1990)

Colored Pencil Dragon (~1997)

Waving Hello (~1997)

Dragon Skeleton Based off of a Human Skeleton (~1995)

Flying Dragon (~1997)

Robots (~1994)

I drew this for a friend that wanted a picture of a mean looking dragon (~1996)

My dog Fred (~1999)

Bat (~1996)

Castle (1997)

Chihuahua (1997)

That Jabberwock in my English book looked too wimpy (~1997)

Baseball Player (1997)

Rabbit in Hat (1997)

Dragon (~1996)

Trout (1997)

Crying Dragon (~1996)

Something inspired by too many Godzilla movies (~1988)

Parrot (~1990)

The Creator of Death (1999)

Lunch Time? (2000)

Drawn with My Left (2000)

Storm Dragon (1999)

Paige--the Heroin from My First Novel (1999)